Comforts for Airline Passengers

We have to pay more for each airline ticket, so it’s only natural to want more comforts from the airlines, and not less. Well, some of the airlines are listening and are really stepping up the comfort levels for passengers in first class and coach.

Lufthansa Airlines is one of them. In the Lufthansa A380 First Class cabin they are testing out the flat bed design. This is the kind of comfort that softens the blow of ever-changing airline rules and dwindling airline services. Take a look at these new comforts for airline passengers.

The first class cabin on the Lufthansa A380 has one of the quietest cabins, with comfortable and very plush beds. The bed is 6’9″ in length, featuring a mattress and heat regulating blankets.

Singapore Airlines is also rated very high for the comfort it provides its passengers. The Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite is the perfect example of where first class accommodations are headed. They provide a full size bed with a view to die for. No pun intended. Take a look.

The Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 suites offer two different seat configurations; one is a reclining leather seat, the other a flat bed with sliding doors for privacy.

This next video rates them all. Guess which airline rates the highest for its first class accommodations? When you see the pictures it’s easy to see why they rate so high. Look over these accommodations before you book your next flight.

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