Spirit Airline Announces Additional Baggage Fees

This new baggage fee almost makes you want to stop flying all together. Spirit Airline’s new $100 carry-on baggage fee at the boarding gate is ridiculous. They think announcing this outrageous fee in a comedic commercial makes it OK to add yet another petty fee to airline passengers. Next will be a sitting fee, a fee to use the bathroom, or maybe even a fee to leave the plane. These additional baggage fees are Ridiculous Spirit!

USA TODAY Travel Industry

Many articles say that this is just the tip of iceberg of new fees from the airline industry, and if that’s the case it’s just sad. At some point the airline industry has to stop. Not only do the baggage fees keep coming, but they are rising fast.

What good is finding a very cheap airline ticket when the baggage fees can amount to more than the airline ticket itself? Ridiculous!

You can get around these fees, and take what you want on your trip if you ship your luggage ahead. These new fees really give new credence to shipping your luggage instead of carrying your luggage to the airport. Here’s the previous post on shipping your luggage ahead. See if it makes sense for your next trip. If I can’t travel light, I ship ahead.

Remember Spirit even charges at least $30 for a single bag checked when some other airlines still give you at least one bag free.

What’s next for Spirit? You bet it will be more charges to its airline passengers. That’s a guarantee.

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